Welcome to our Lean Innovation for Micro Enterprises (LIME) Online course

So, what exactly is Lean Innovation?

Lean innovation is focused on increasing efficiency by capturing customer feedback early and often and minimizing waste in the product or service development cycle. The process prioritizes experimentation over elaborate planning and celebrates continuous, incremental improvement.

For us, lean innovation is a combination of three main approaches:

  • The ability to identify new opportunities through the use of design thinking
  • The ability to quickly, and with fewer resources, develop, prototype, learn, validate, and improve business solutions
  • The ability to apply Agile processes, which enable teams to reduce waste, make incremental improvements, and eliminate the bureaucracy that often hinders innovation

Our online course comprises 3 stand-alone modules which together make up our Lean Innovation Course: Design Thinking, The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Approach and Agile Processes.

We believe in lean, so each module will take you a maximum of 1 hour to complete! They are comprised of a 5 – 6 micro lessons each about 10 minutes long, perfect for your busy schedule.

It’s a fine lime between success and failure!

Objective of the Online Course

The Lean Innovation for Micro Enterprises course has a clear goal: to enable you to become more innovative. The course covers the 3 elements that together make up lean innovation: Design thinking, Minimal Viable Product Approach and the Agile Outlook. By applying the methods and concepts outlined throughout the 3 modules, as well as utilising the additional resources provided, it will enable you to quickly and efficiently develop new products or services, and will transform how you run and manage your business!

Course Overview

How to take the Course?

Option 1: Scroll down below and click MODULE 1.1 Introduction to Design thinking to begin taking the FREE course online. There are quizzes, additional resources and a discussion for learners to engage all included in the course! You don’t have to register to access the course, but there are added features if you do!


Option 2: If you would prefer to jump straight to modules that are of more interest and relevance to YOU, just click on the individual links below!