Lean Innovation for Micro Enterprises



During and in the aftermath of COVID19, Innovation has become more important than ever before. Without it, micro enterprises in particular risk at worst imminent closure or else loss of sales and market share to competitors more adept at adapting. But how can micro enterprises that are already resource and investment poor become innovative and do so in a way that is effective and financially viable? One of the best ways is Lean Innovation.

Lean Innovation is founded on the principles that innovation should not be thought of as a one-time affair but rather something which is engrained in a company’s daily work and business model. Lean Innovation is a user-first approach which utilises early and frequent product testing to minimize risk, drive customer engagement, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

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Step 1 of 3 - Section 1: How do you solve problems?

  • Section 1: How do you solve problems?

    Great! You are already implementing some of the principles of lean innovation
    Great! Empathy is a key part of design thinking and lean innovation. You can learn more about this in Module 1 Design Thinking, section 1.2 of our online course.
    Great! Lean Innovation is inspired by a customer-centric focus.
    Great! New ideas and innovations are key to future growth.
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