Small but not slow, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Southeast Asia  are quickly adopting new technologies to lower the barrier of entering markets and catch up with more prominent players – much like their enterprise counterparts. Lean, agile teams that are free from the burden of legacy infrastructure are nimbly adopting off-the-shelf, innovative technology in their supply chain.

These companies are especially emboldened by South East Asia’s conducive business environment. Business owners can look forward to significant support from governments for digital investment and adoption. Thailand has been providing strong support for local micro-SMEs undergoing digital transformation – a national agenda introduced this year. Within Singapore, recent initiatives such as the SMEs Go Digital and Industry Digital Plans were rolled out to help local SMEs uncover digitalisation opportunities.

More than ever, SMEs are poised to make great strides in today’s digital economy through harnessing the power of an innovative supply chain.

To find out the three ways in which SMEs in South East Asia are disrupting the traditional ways of doing business: