Banbridge Enterprise welcomed all the LIME projects partners to Banbridge, Northern Ireland for the kick-off meeting of the project. It was a highly productive meeting around a topic of significant importance, not just in the UK but across Europe.  Ciaran from Banbridge Enterprise was the Chair for the meeting ensuring everyone had their input and the meeting progressed as per the Agenda.

The meeting facilitated the discussion of the partners roles and responsibilities within the project and their aims and views of Lean Innovation.

The tangible results of the project will include:

IO1 Formative Self-Assessment Tool. This online, interactive diagnostic tool enables users to evaluate their current innovation capacity and “readiness”. It constitutes the first phase of the learning process for micro enterprises and entrepreneurs, but also allows trainers’ back-end access to the results of their group for better understanding

IO2 Lean Innovation Curriculum and OERs consist of a complete set of learning objectives, training materials and case studies providing entrepreneurship trainers and lecturers the ability to impart to micro enterprises/entrepreneurs the knowledge, skills and self-belief required to engage in great product and service innovation using lean innovation methods and techniques.

IO3 Lean Innovation Online Course. The OERs will be adapted into a series of short modules for use on computers, tablets or smartphones, for micro enterprises. This enables access to high quality learning for those who prefer self-led learning due to geographic, time or other constraints.